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Dukpé-Odayé  · Thank God

What makes our products unique at Dukpé-Odayé boutique is that we are dedicated to helping life in the global community. At Dukpé-Odayé boutique, we do not believe in mass production in factories. Instead, we focus on working with locals who use their talents to make a living. Each piece in our boutique is handmade, which assures that every item is unique and one-of-a-kind.  

The majority of profits made from each piece are given back to local artists in need of a helping hand. Ecole Konoura, a school we started in Lomé, Togo, receives the remaining portion of profits in order to cover tuition so children in need can go to school for free.

When purchasing from our boutique, you can feel good about the global impact you make while incorporating our goods into your everyday lives.

Thank you,
Amevi Ohoussou,
Daughter of Modoukpé Ohoussou, whose kindness inspired our principles.